Site Wide Wireless Networks

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We provide robust and reliable temporary short- or long-range networks everywhere from buildings to unlikely external locations, including the middle of nowhere. While GBSE can install temporary wired networks, we are usually asked to provide wireless solutions because they are quick to set up and dismantle. These networks are also very flexible and offer cost savings to organisers.

We have a range of weatherproof wireless networking equipment capable of carrying a variety of traffic. It can be used everywhere from hired buildings or marquees, in event fields and across extensive sites in remote areas. We can also provide segregated networks, enabling users to be allocated to different groups and their use of the network to be prioritised.

Our networks can be used to carry a variety of information, from organisers’ own information systems and email to ticketing, trade stand sales activity, live competition results, media data, voice over IP telephony and the internet. Normally we manage and control our networks on behalf of organisers to ensure they run efficiently. GBSE staff routinely work with other suppliers, ensuring their access to the network achieves the results organisers need.

GBSE has the capacity to support and reinforce organisers’ intranets. We can provide temporary servers, laptops and printers for use with GBSE wireless networks. Large screen televisions are also available.

Our networks can be internal only or can be provided with an internet connection.

Internet Links


We offer internet connections for event organisers via 3G and 4G and through our satellite systems. These connections can carry the usual email and browsing traffic in addition to such data as competition results back to results websites, traders’ online payment and order processing systems, and e-ticketing information.

We have two satellite systems, one of which is vehicle mounted and auto-aligning while the other is manually aligned and, being mounted on a tripod, can be installed anywhere. The satellite systems offer quick deployment and fast speeds, and are also suitable for emergency use.

Our internet connections are firewalled and controlled to prevent abuses. Use of our internet services is subject to our standard terms and conditions.

Network Security

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Security on any network is essential, especially when external links are needed. As well as firewalling, we can offer full threat management facilities to protect the organisers’ networks from abuse and to ensure users cannot go where they shouldn’t.

VoIP Telephony


Voice over IP (VoIP) is digital telephone over a data network, with or without an internet connection, and where external calls are made it offers low call costs.

We can provide telephony from a single phone to a larger telephone system with a central PBX for multiple users. Our event telephone systems can remain internal or can be connected to the internet to allow external calls to be made.

Technical Services


Busy networks need management to ensure that they run smoothly during the event. As part of our service we are able to provide on-site monitoring of both the networking equipment and use of the network.

In addition to installation and management of temporary or permanent networks, we can advise on their design and commissioning, both cabled or wireless, and help with wide area networks.