Radio Hire

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GBSE has handheld and mobile VHF radios available for hire. Recognising that not all users have radio operating experience, we will help to set up equipment at events and train users.

Our handheld radios are made by Vertex. They are supplied with spare batteries and if they are going to be used for long periods, single and six-way chargers are available. Other accessories are available to hire or purchase, including speaker microphones and ear pieces.

Mobile radios are available where operators need to move to different locations. They are based on Vertex mobile radios, but include a battery pack and microphone. Aerials are available with feeder cable either on magmounts which sit on the roof of a vehicle or with gutter mounts. Simoco radios are available for control room use running on either 240V or battery power.

Specialist Facilities

settrington bank

In addition to standard radio equipment, GBSE can provide VHF repeaters. The Kenwood or Vertex equipment can be used either singly or linked to cover a wider area. The repeaters are suitable for use in difficult terrain or where there is a need to cover large areas.

Where radio coverage is required in demanding geographic areas a mast may be necessary. GBSE has portable 8m and 12m masts available, which we will erect and dismantle for organisers.

Technical Support


With a background in amateur radio and RAYNET we are able to provide advice and guidance to organisers of more challenging events. While we offer straight hire services of handheld radios, we specialise in long distance communications over challenging terrain where the mobile telephone network is poor or unavailable and where users are often mobile, either on foot or in vehicles.

For complex events we can advise on location of repeaters and the appropriate equipment for the locations of operators. We will also set up the equipment on the day, ready for use. We can provide control operators and train staff in voice procedures and on the use their radios.

We also offer on site support during events to ensure everything runs smoothly.