Laptops and Computers

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We have modern laptops by HP and Toshiba available for hire as standalone kit or in conjunction with network services. They range from laptops with 11.6″ touch screens – handy for use in tight corners – to 17″ screens as replacements for desktop PCs.

We can provide temporary servers to run internal information systems and intranets. GBSE is happy to work with organisers’ IS staff or database managers to prepare laptops in advance of the event.

Printers are available for use with PC or networks.

Large Screen Presentation

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Included in our hire fleet are 39″ and 47″ commercial grade televisions which can be used for presentations or on a network to present information to visitors to events. They can be mounted on stands or wall-mounted.

Where multiple screens are required, they can be driven individually to provide different information. If multiple screens are needed to display the same information, this can be done with HDMI distribution. The system can also distribute video to one or more screens.

Given the appropriate television licence they can also be used as television sets or Smart TVs.

Data management and presentation

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GBSE has an active background in software development and data manipulation. While it requires liaison in advance of an event, we can take organisers’ raw data and present it in a format which can be read by visitors, either by means of an intranet or on public displays. We can also create the landing pages for organisers’ temporary intranets.